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I still can't believe that I am in this role. (see comments)


Art Alexion
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On Oct 8, 2008, at 7:57 PM, Brendan <mailinglist at> wrote:

> On Wednesday 08 October 2008, Art Alexion wrote:
> > I can't believe that I am _defending_ XP. That said, you have  
> something
> > really wrong if XP is crashing more than once every two months.  
> Honestly,
> Really wrong? It's running on hardware that's ECC-ram, been running  
> rock-solid for years and it's running in a VM with VMWare Tools  
> installed. It just crashes every so often. It's Windows, dude.

No, dude, its VMware.

> > I have an XP machine at my desk for support and testing, and  
> though apps
> > crash, I can't remember the last time the OS crashed. Then again,  
> I never
> > use IE, and only use Outlook for testing.
> Honestly, your good experience does not cancel out my bad one. I'm  
> not blaming XP. It's the best OS that company has ever released.  
> But, it's not a real OS, it's just a thing you click in.

Well its not a really good OS, but it is a real OS. KDE4, on the other  
hand IS just a thing you click in as it just runs on top of Linux a la  
Windows 3.1. Unfortunately, I just can't click in it right now because  
my mouse is invisible.

> > On the other hand, I can't even use my mouse or center my video on
> > Intrepid, and everytime I test the PPA version under Hardy, I  
> don't see a
> > compelling reason to use it for more than a quick look around.  
> Amarok and
> > kmail crash constantly.
> Ok, reverse the debate: I have never had Amarok crash on me...ever.  
> Kmail crashed once a month ago. I use both 12 hours a day, with hard- 
> core usage and email going back to 1994 in 200 folders, and 30gb of  
> music. Do I disbelieve you? Nope, just glad it ain't me having the  
> crashes. I would encourage you to launch from the command line and  
> look for a reason that kmail crashes...might be something easy to  
> debug or easy to report.

Amarok crashes on me twice a day. Kmail 3.5.10 crashes thrice daily.  
3.9.9 never crashed that I recall.

And I am running Linux on 6 desktops, so it isn't an issue with a  
particular setup.

Obviously I prefer kubuntu over do, but the windows version of choice  
in business (XP) is currently more stable than kde4.

Will v. 4 be the vista of KDE?

I really hope not.

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