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Thu Oct 9 00:57:55 BST 2008

On Wednesday 08 October 2008, Art Alexion wrote:
> I can't believe that I am _defending_ XP.  That said, you have something
> really wrong if XP is crashing more than once every two months.  Honestly,

Really wrong? It's running on hardware that's ECC-ram, been running rock-solid 
for years and it's running in a VM with VMWare Tools installed. It just 
crashes every so often. It's Windows, dude.

> I have an XP machine at my desk for support and testing, and though apps
> crash, I can't remember the last time the OS crashed.  Then again, I never
> use IE, and only use Outlook for testing.

Honestly, your good experience does not cancel out my bad one. I'm not blaming 
XP. It's the best OS that company has ever released. But, it's not a real OS, 
it's just a thing you click in.

> On the other hand, I can't even use my mouse or center my video on
> Intrepid, and everytime I test the PPA version under Hardy, I don't see a
> compelling reason to use it for more than a quick look around.  Amarok and
> kmail crash constantly.

Ok, reverse the debate: I have never had Amarok crash on me...ever. Kmail 
crashed once a month ago. I use both 12 hours a day, with hard-core usage and 
email going back to 1994 in 200 folders, and 30gb of music. Do I disbelieve 
you? Nope, just glad it ain't me having the crashes. I would encourage you to 
launch from the command line and look for a reason that kmail crashes...might 
be something easy to debug or easy to report.

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