Tried KDE 4.1.2

Frederic Schaer fred.schaer at
Wed Oct 8 20:32:20 BST 2008

Richard S. Crawford a écrit :
> Well, I've been trying KDE 4 off and on.
> Is it okay to just not like it? It's smooth enough and fast enough and
> pretty enough, but there are a couple of things that irked me,
> especially in the panel:
> * I miss the Quicklaunch tool, and haven't been able to find a widget
> like it for KDE 4. I know that I can drag program icons from the K
> menu to the panel, but I have twelve programs listed in my Quicklaunch
> tool, and twelve full-size icons on my KDE 4 panel just isn't going to
> work.
I had the same problem...
I found the quicklaunch plasmoïd on kde-look, but what can be found on doesn't work because of paths that are different.

However, concerning the quick launch replacement, you should try in the
K menu to right-click on your favorite app and then , "add to favorites"
: this is what is displayed first when you click on the K Menu, and is
almost what I use daily now, instead of the folder view I have (which is
not easy to use because of windows beeing on top, execpt if you want to
use the dashboard plasma, which also looks very cool, I admit...)

> * I also miss the "Network Folders" icon and the "System Places" icon
> on the panel. I haven't figured out how to replicate these functions
> in KDE 4. And I really dislike the "folder view" widget. I prefer
> having as clean a desktop as possible, and the "folder view" widget
> just clutters it up.
> If anyone can tell me how to replicate these two functions in KDE 4,
> I'd love it. But until I can get these things working, they're pretty
> much a deal breaker for me and KDE 4.

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