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Wed Oct 8 20:33:36 BST 2008

On Wednesday 08 October 2008, Richard S. Crawford wrote:
> Is it okay to just not like it? It's smooth enough and fast enough and

It takes some getting used to, default config is weird, finding settings is 
awkward, and it's slow. Also, a bunch of bugs...

That said, it's very conducive to working well and slickly once configured 
correctly. Also, the bug fixes to lots of old bugs is nice. And....I don't 
know. It's purdy.

> * I miss the Quicklaunch tool, and haven't been able to find a widget
> like it for KDE 4. I know that I can drag program icons from the K
> menu to the panel, but I have twelve programs listed in my Quicklaunch
> tool, and twelve full-size icons on my KDE 4 panel just isn't going to
> work.

Dragging icons to the toolbar has been hit or miss for me. Cannot get firefox 
onto the bar, but I can get Kate on there. Still haven't figured that one out.

> * I also miss the "Network Folders" icon and the "System Places" icon

Agreed. Lameness took those away.
in any konq or dolphin bar will help...

> on the panel. I haven't figured out how to replicate these functions
> in KDE 4. And I really dislike the "folder view" widget. I prefer
> having as clean a desktop as possible, and the "folder view" widget
> just clutters it up.

That's the default, but you can make it go away or stretch it full screen, so 
it's just like a desktop. Useful, but again, not easy to get used to.

> If anyone can tell me how to replicate these two functions in KDE 4,
> I'd love it. But until I can get these things working, they're pretty
> much a deal breaker for me and KDE 4.

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