Partial resolution of kfontview problem!

Glenn R Williams gloonie at
Wed Oct 8 07:22:44 BST 2008

Hi All,

I am one step closer to resolving the problem with kfontvier I have been 
reporting since KDE 4.0!

1. I tried clicking on "Hardware Driver Manager" and selected use of the 
Nvidia driver.

2. I rebooted and the system report that Ubuntu was running in low graphics 
mode since it couldn't recognize my graphics card.

 3. I then set it manually and rebooted.  

4. The resolution changed to 1680x1050 and kfontview displays all fonts 

However, when I look at Hardware Drives again, it says that no proprietary 
drivers are in use. 

Still, I can now see my fonts!  Clearly there is something with the Nvidia 


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