8.10b - first impression and questions

Michael W. Holdeman chief at porterfire.org
Tue Oct 7 17:57:37 BST 2008

On Monday 06 October 2008 20:52:55 Billie Walsh wrote:
> Decided that I might give 8.10 a try and see just what it's all about.
> Loaded it on a separate hard drive. Looks nice and works my poor little
> eMachine quite well. No major hiccups so far.
> First impressions. I still can't stand that "new" KDE menu system. Can't
> stand it in Vista either so  it's not just a KDE thing. Is there a way
> to configure it back to the old style someplace? In earlier versions you
> could right click near the big "K" and get to a configuration window
> where you could reset the height of the panel and place it where you
> want it and all that stuff. [ I like mine at the top of the screen and
> hidden. I also like it a little taller than "normal" ] I also want to
> have the quick start panel back. I like to use it for all the things
> that I run constantly. I clicked just about everything I could find and
> never found any way to make the changes I want. Is the ability to do
> this stuff in KDE4?
> THEN, there's this big ugly box on my desktop that says "Desktop". How
> can you get rid of that thing? I clicked on the closing button and the
> main desktop went away for a second and when it came back it was still
> there and something stupid was covering my task bar. Like to never
> figured out how to bet my task bar back. The yellow notepad thingy went
> away when I clicked the "x". I do NOT like a bunch of "junk" on my
> desktop. I want it clean [ unlike the desk the computer sits on *<]:oD
> ]. Just about everywhere you click it wants to add even more junk.
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Anyone know if Virtualbox works yet?,
And googledesktop?

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