Beta 8.10 released

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Oct 7 03:45:19 BST 2008

Brendan wrote:

> On Monday 06 October 2008, Steve Lamb wrote:
>>     So, now to put a blunt point on it.  I am  KUbuntu user who has
>>     stated
> (i.e. "To make a ridiculous straw-man argument")
>> here he's personally happy to use 4.1.1 on two of his machines, who has
>> 10 years of experience in Debian, who is pointing out that in spite of
>> his personal experience in bugs, software design and long-standing
>> experience
>> in Linux that the current move to KDE 4.x by KUbuntu is wrong.  You are
>> telling that person that, in spite of the word "beta" nor "testing"
>> anywhere on the main public pages of the Ubuntu project he should expect
>> beta testing as the mere price of running Linux and if he really, really
>> wants to improve things... to go to Debian?
>>     I hope you will consider how that sounds.  I know you didn't know my
> How, what sounds? Something you just paraphrased out of a bunch of random
> thoughts and angry moments you've had? This is going into troll territory.

Don't be ridiculous.  It's paraphrased, true, but it came right out of
Graham's previous post.  I actually _am_ a beta-tester, by choice, but
Linux users as a whole don't want to be and shouldn't have to be.

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