Beta 8.10 released

Martin Laberge mlsoft at
Mon Oct 6 00:44:52 BST 2008

On Friday 03 October 2008 04:00:17 O. Sinclair wrote:
> Kubuntu 8.10 beta 1 has been released. Contains KDE 4.1.2 whether you 
> like it or not. Link:
> I would much have preferred another "stable KDE3" and "KDE4 trial" as in 
> 8.04 - but I am not a Kubuntu developer...
> Sinclair

If there is not a kde3 possibility in Intrepid officially,
it will surely emerge from the dark, from someone like us
who will 'backport' it from Hardy.

I hope ....

Martin Laberge
mlsoft at
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