Beta 8.10 released

Steve Lamb grey at
Mon Oct 6 00:09:04 BST 2008

Nils Kassube wrote:
> When there was still a KDE3 version available for 8.10, only few people 
> would test KDE4 and help improve the new version. In the end that would 
> take more time until KDE4 is usable (whatever you call usable). Therefore 
> I think it is reasonable to completely switch to KDE4 with Intrepid.

    I've already shot this poor argument down 3 days ago.  It is not up to the
KUbuntu developers to force people to test software.  It is up to them to
provide a stable platform for their users.  Those who are willing and able to
test are also willing and able to install it through an alternative install
disc or their choice of apt tool post install.

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