krunner (kde4) question

Willy K. Hamra w.hamra1987 at
Sat Oct 4 15:28:22 BST 2008

p.daniels wrote:
> On Saturday October 4 2008 05:20:15 Paul Kaplan wrote:
>> In kde 3.5, entering "kdesu <command>" in the earlier equivalent of krunner
>> resulted in the command being run suid root, the same as running "sudo
>> <command>" in a terminal.
>> In kubuntu 8.04, running kdesu in krunner in kde4.1 seems at best
>> inconsistent.  Sometimes the command executes (as in calling konqueror) and
>> sometimes it doesn't (as in calling dolphin). Nevertheless, sudo works
>> fine. In kubuntu 8.10, kdesu in krunner doesn't seem to work at all.
>> Has anyone seen this problem?  Solution?
>> Paul
> Yes, I've seen it. No, I don't have an answer. For instance, I get "kdesu: 
> command not found" when I try to kdesu qtparted through krunner, but as you 
> noted, not when I run it through a shell. I have the suspicion that there's a 
> command list for kdesu hiding somewhere that's munging this up, but the man 
> page for kdesu is no help. Anybody else?
> -p.

and maybe it's an environment problem. maybe root has different PATH
than normal user, which causes kdesu to not find the programs.

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