Beta 8.10 released

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Sat Oct 4 14:47:32 BST 2008

Steve Lamb wrote:
> O. Sinclair wrote:
>> I will very likely stay with KDE3 until I consider KDE4 ready for 
>> production computers, said to be around KDE 4.2. However, Kubuntu 8.04 
>> is NOT LTS due to the shift from KDE3 to KDE4. Ubuntu Gnome however is. 
>> We had a long discussion re. that issue at release time.
>     Er, there was no shift.  The base install of KUbuntu 8.04 is KDE 3.5.9.
> You need to select the alternative download for KDE4.  If the KUbuntu
> developers wanted to make a shift they certainly did not convey it to the rest
> of the world on the official web site.
As I remember it there was a loooong thread re why Kubuntu 8.04 is not 
LTS and the reason given was that the shift to KDE4 would not make long 
term support feasible for KDE 3.5.whatever.

As for what version was "main version" on Kubuntu 8.04 it matters little 
for the fact that 8.10 will be KDE4 only. Note that I am not saying 
we/Kubuntu should stay on 3.5.x forever, only that I would like a really 
production-ready KDE4 before the "full swap" is made. In other words I 
would have liked the same approach to 8.10 as to 8.04. A stable 3.5.x 
version and a "bleeding edge" 4.1.x version.


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