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Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 19:33:01 -0700
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On Monday 29 September 2008 6:50:54 pm Bruce Marshall wrote:

> > On Monday 29 September 2008, Kevin B. O'Brien wrote:
>> > > Well, I tried power-cycling the print server and rebooting the computer,
>> > > but that did not change anything. I guess this is going to be
>> > > difficult.<g>
> >
> > Take a look in the error logs in    /var/log/cups

I've never been able to make cups work in Linux.  I have to save a document to 
a memory card, then remove the card and put it into the cardreader of the 
machine which has the printer attached and then sign into that computer and 
print it.  Everyone tells me I have to have some sort of windows machine in 
my network in order to print so that is more off putting than not being able 
to print through my network.  I have asked the question now on 18 maillists 
have 17,089 replies which tell me how to set up a windoze print server on my 
network and exactly zero replies on how to MAKE IT WORK where every one of my 
8 machines run Linux.  

-- 73 de N7PSV aka Pastor JW <n>< ? PDGA# 35276

Just wondering here if you have used your browser to address CUPS via: http://localhost:631


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