Why use a virtual machine? **RESOLVED**

nepal nepal.roade at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 30 08:53:40 GMT 2008

On Sunday 30 Nov 2008, Steven Vollom wrote:
> The last time, I got so mad, I broke my CD so that I did
> not have it to fall back on.  I wish I hadn't done that,
> I would like to have a virtual machine, now that I better
> understand, but I will never give Microsfoft another
> penny.  It may be cutting my nose off to spite my face,
> but I want Linux to win this battle, and that kind of
> commitment is necessary to make it happen, I believe.

I respect your determination to deprive M$ of any further 
money. Well done, I do the same. Not because of anything 
they did to me personally, but because of their disgusting 
business practises. All they will ever get from me is my 
greatest contempt. :)

With regards your genuine copy of whichever version of 
windows you have, my understanding is that you purchase the 
license, and get a license number and activation code along 
with the cd. That is how it was with the last genuine copy 
of windows I had, win 95. The activation code is on the 
little booklet that comes with the windows cd/dvd. I still 
have it here somewhere.
So you could use any XP disk that is not your own, and use 
your license/activation code that you did pay for. But M$ 
being as dispicable as they are may well have closed that 


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