Password question.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Wed Nov 26 08:42:56 GMT 2008

Bruce Marshall wrote:
> On Monday 24 November 2008, Steven Vollom wrote:
>> I am totally out of my comfort zone here.  I don't understand anything
>> about what is happening.  I am drowning.
> I hope you saved my last email   "The last word on Passwords" because I think 
> that is the answer to your happiness.
> Forget  xhost   and 'su'  and all that stuff.   What you want, can't be done.
Dear Bruce,

I must have received more than 100 emails on this post.  I could not 
save them all, so when I found that I could not do what I want, I 
discarded them all.  I have 2 from you that I am responding to today; 
that is all.

After reading this email, I have decided to install the toughest 
firewalls I am able to get, if you can install more than one, and go 
back to my granddaughter name.  When I operated Windows, I never set a 
password.  I never had any problem that I know of either.  Another 
possibility is a fingerprint scanner, if that would work.  Can a person 
enter a sudo shell or Adept or Synaptic with a fingerprint scanner?  
That may be my solution.

When I install Intrepid, I a going back to 'em'.


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