Password question.

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Mon Nov 24 22:45:17 GMT 2008

On Monday 24 November 2008, Steven Vollom wrote:
> I tried.  I had the same problem I did last installation.  If I could, I
> would like to go back to 'em'  even my 8 unit password is a problem,
> even though I can remember it.  My memory is not so good anymore.  It
> doesn't make any sense that I can remember the passwords I have.  For
> some reason I can.  I can remember my soc sec #.  I can remember my 3
> year old Drivers License #.  It is new memories that escape me.  However
> now that I entered the 37 into the system it will not allow me to go
> back to an easy one that I don't have trouble with.  Nils doesn't think
> I need to format either, but this is where I was the last time I tried
> to solve this problem, and I had to reinstall to solve it. It is so
> embarrassing when I have to openly admit my shortcomings.  My memory
> seems to be selective anymore and memorizing new things is a huge
> labor.  I have been making much progress this past week, because
> something has changed, and I am absorbing more right now.   Do you think
> I would have used a two letter password if it wasn't pretty necessary.  
> It is 2 or 8 or 37.  Any 2 will do, but that's it.  Please don't be
> concerned.  I will figure something out.


I don't know how you got  two passwords to work....   your 37  and 'em'  but 
in my view it is impossible unless you are doing something you're know really 
conveying to us.

What you are trying to do (have two levels of security for the same user 
(steven), is not possible to my knowledge.....

Pick a reasonable password (even 87654321 would work) and live with it.

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