Some Mounting information seems missing?

David McGlone d.mcglone at
Mon Nov 24 16:12:41 GMT 2008

On Monday 24 November 2008 11:03:42 am Steven Vollom wrote:
> Willy K. Hamra wrote:
> > Steven Vollom wrote:
> >> I am starting to learn to use a terminal.  The manual said I could
> >> see my mounted partitions by typing mount.  I did, and partitions I
> >> expected to me mounted were mounted, however, sdb5 should have shown
> >> and did not.
> >>
> >> As I recall, I cannot yet use that partition by trying to save to it,
> >> but I am able to enter a sub-directore that is in that partition.  So
> >> I am able to store data in the drive, just not in sdb5.  I would
> >> really like that partition to work like the other partitions that are
> >> used for storage.  If that is the reason sdb5 does not show up as
> >> mounted, how do I properly mount that partition?  TIA
> >>
> >> I bet a lot of you who recognize my name can see improvement in my
> >> understanding.
> >>
> >> Steven
> >
> > i wasn't following much in the previous conversation. good job in
> > trying to understand mount :D
> >
> > if the partition is not showing when you type mount, this means it's
> > not mounted yet. did the guys tell you how to mount it? if so, try to
> > use that command and then check mount. if not, we want to know how it
> > was mounted last time, maybe through dolphin's automount?
> > anyway, to mount a partition automatically, it has to be listed in the
> > file /etc/fstab . as soon as you think you understand mounting, try to
> > learn fstab. type the following on the command line:
> > konqueror man:/fstab
> Dear Willie,
> Was it you that helped me put a /steven folder in my sdb5 partition that
> would not let me save things in?  Anyway if it was, I am locked out again.
> When I open my sdb5 partition to store data, I am stopped with the
> following, at the bottom of a blank window:  Permissions Denied.  Also,
> the /steven folder did not appear, nor it's contents.

It sounds like your sdb5 partition is not mounted.

> Do you know how to work me though the problem of getting that partition
> to function the way I want.  I would like to click on sdb5, when I click
> on the "System Menu 'Menu of Important Places'" icon then Storage Media,
> and have a window that I could store data and remove data.  I can't
> remember how to change permissions in the sdb5 folder or directory,
> whichever it is really called.  When I open "Storage Media", I get an
> option relating to Mount, but not one with the properties option that
> would allow me to change permissions.  TIA friend.
> Cheers! Ciao Bello, and Cordially,
> Steven

David M.

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