How do I copy contents of a URL into Open Office?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sun Nov 23 22:05:12 GMT 2008

Nils Kassube wrote:
> Steven Vollom wrote:
>> I am finally learning the shell.  I am reading from a URL,
>>  The part of the page I am wanting
>> a copy is still quite large.  When I highlight the portion I want, then
>> right click, the page changes to another page.  I have a document open
>> in an adjacent window and want to copy the info to that doc..
> There are at least 2 possible ways to copy the text.
> 1. Highlight the text with the mouse and then move the cursor to the point 
> where you want to insert the text. Click the wheel of the mouse if you 
> have one or click left and right mouse button simultaneously if you have a 
> two button mouse.
> 2. Highlight the text and type Ctrl-c (i.e. press the Ctrl key and keep it 
> pressed while you press the c key as well). That operation copies the 
> text to the clipboard. Then left-click to the point where you want to 
> insert the text from the clipboard and press Ctrl-v.
> Nils
Neither worked for me Nils.  Firstly, in the address bar of Konqueror it 
says,  The page that I want to 
highlight is probably 2 pages in length.  What I would like to do is 
copy those contents into an otd or doc, reduce the size of the print to 
perhaps 8 point, and put it on my Desktop.  I will use it as a reference 
while I am learning to use the shell and memorize same.  Your first 
suggestion got the same result, as when I tried to copy and more or less 
paste, in that it pasted the url address, not the content of the page 
that I highlighted.  If I did what I normally would do to cut and paste, 
highlight text then right-click on the text, at this point rather than 
make ready the transfer of the data, it backs up to the previous 
screen.  The second suggestion did nothing that I can see.

I am in the manual pages of Konqueror, I think.  However, I think the 
manual I am looking at is located somewhere else and is not actually in 
my computer.  So I am trying to transfer information over the internet 
instead of from within my computer.  I don't know why that would make a 
difference.  If it does, please explain?  Cordially,


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