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Clay Weber claydoh at
Sun Nov 23 04:13:55 GMT 2008

On Saturday 22 November 2008 9:31:08 pm Steve Lamb wrote:
> Hello,
>     Ok, I've decided to give KMail a whirl after the latest round of "how
> to implement reply-to-list" messages in TBird's bugzilla bug for that
> feature. Sick of waiting 8 years for that wart to be removed.  However
> there are some behaviours in KMail which are preventing me from switching
> completely over.  I want to make sure they aren't something I can fix with
> a configuration tweak I am thus far unaware of.  I have gone through the
> entire configuration so either it is something non-obvious, a bug or I'm
> just being oblivious (known to happen).
>     1: When marking multiple messages in the message list I press-and-hold
> the shift button and use the up/down arrows.  In every other GUI
> application this will select all entries I move over.  However in KMail's
> message list shift and arrows does nothing.  Any way to get the standard
> behaviour activated here?

afaik, you use the right/left arrrow keys with  the shift key to do multiple 
selections. From my quick look around, there has been much discussion over the 
years on this, as well as bug reports at kde's bugzilla.

You can change shortcuts by going to kmails Settings:Configure Shortcuts, and 
look for the 'extend selection' entries (at least for KDE4, though it should 
be there in KDE3.

>     2: When I delete multiple messages KMail appears to send individual
> copy and mark-as-delete commands for each message in the list.  Is there a
> way to configure it so it instead uses IMAP's range command (I think that's
> it) to tell the server to perform actions on batches of messages instead?

>     3: I have configured KMail to GPG sign all my messages.  However when I
> send a message that is marked to be signed it throws an error that it
> cannot sign the message.  The error provides a button to view a log of what
> happened. The log is blank.  Also it does not ask for my GPG password. 
> Known workarounds?
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