Converting .wmf files to .tiff, .jpeg or the like

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Fri Nov 21 17:19:05 GMT 2008

john d. herron wrote:
> Hello.
> Is there in Linux any way to convert .wmf (Windows Metafile) image files
> to some more 'universal' (i.e. less MS'y) format like .tiff, .jpeg or
> the like?
> Thanks for  helping.
> jdh

I found libwmf-bin, which is packaged in Ubuntu
(  It includes a library,
as well as a simple front-end, wmf2svg.

You can use it like:

wmf2svg file.wmf -o file.svg

or if you prefer, you can open WMF files in Inkscape.

If you just want to convert it directly to a bitmap format like PNG, try:

convert file.wmf file.png

to use the ImageMagick convert program.

Matt Flaschen

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