The fall of KDE?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Wed Nov 19 01:20:03 GMT 2008

Knapp wrote:
>> It isn't KDE 4 that I am interested in, it is Intrepid 64.
>> I am told that Intrepid has fixed many of the 64 bit problems, is easier
>> to install, and was designed more 64 bit friendly.  I don't know, but I
>> just keep reading the posts, and it seemed the best idea.  Do you
>> disagree with a good reason?
>> Steven
> I don't run Intrepid and don't plan to unless I hear of some great
> improvements in KDE4, so I can't talk about how good it is with 64
> bit.
> I do run 8.04 64 bit and I have no problems at all, so how can you
> improve that? Maybe they have Firefox full 64 bit now with the new
> adobe 64 bit flash player? I have both (32 and 64 bit) installed from
> the repository (At least I think that is where I got them from?) with
> no problems.
> PS Did you get it running yet? Hope you do soon! Sounds like a fun project.
I cannot even remember the improved features right now, however, when I 
read the posts, it was things like problem free configurations for 
printers, I think there was talk about that.  The areas were places 
where I always have had trouble in the past.  I didn't forsee having to 
post them, and just let it register as something I wanted.  I will keep 
a list from now on and attach them to your saved email address.  If and 
when the list gets reasonable, I will forward it on to you. 

Ciao, Steven

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