The fall of KDE?

alan c aeclist at
Tue Nov 18 21:59:49 GMT 2008

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Knapp wrote:
>>> otoh, tabs in Dolphin is a silly complaint, as he can still use
>>> Konqueror for file browsing.
>> Really, I think this shows the true nature of the problem. This user
>> does not know that he can do that because he is just a writer or
>> something like that and not a hardcore KDE person like us. Back to my
>> montra, don't make it default until it is ready!
> No, that's not the case at all.  He's always used Konqueror.   How could 
> he imagine konqueror can't browse a filesystem?  He doesn't have to know 
> that it does that through a dolphin kpart, or even understand the
> concept, but he can't (validly) complain about Konqueror being crippled  
> without having actually _tried_ konqueror.  If he was new to KDE and 
> found he didn't like Dolphin, then it might be understandable, but he's 
> complaining about what he's _lost_ in konqueror - and this is something 
> he hasn't lost.

This problem is best dealt with by *advance* marketing!
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