OT: Upgrading an AMD processor

Girard Henri girardhenri at free.fr
Mon Nov 17 06:41:08 GMT 2008

i used them a lot on beginning ... But now no more as kde4xx is enaugh 
pretty without them.
on gnome i set compositing which works speedy enaugh (sometimes i mixed both 
kde4.2 and metacity border so i get gnome shadows...)
but last kde1.3 is very quick and nice theme ( i like ozone as kdewin and 
don't neet any more effects ! lol
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> Tycho Andersen wrote:
>> On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 10:25 AM, Nigel Ridley
>> <nigel at prayingforisrael.net> wrote:
>>> Tycho Andersen wrote:
>>>> Nigel:
>>>> How much RAM does the system have, and do you know if you can add more? 
>>>> That
>>>> may be another (possibly cheaper) option to upgrading the system, and 
>>>> you
>>>> might see better results depending on where the bottleneck is.
>>>> Tycho
>>> It has 1GB and yes there is room for more.
>>> Nigel
>> I'm running 8.10 on a box of similar age with similar specs (AMD
>> FX-55, nVidia 6800GT, 2GB RAM). After disabling the desktop effects,
>> KDE4 responds quite a bit faster. You might also try that first, to
>> see if it helps at all.
>> Tycho
> Desktop effects are already disabled - is there any *real* use to them?
> Nigel
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