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Fri Nov 14 22:21:28 GMT 2008

2008/11/14 Steven Vollom <stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net>:
> The chasis fans are connected to the powersupply and are always on.
> Nonetheless, they include a 3 speed switch.  At the fastest mode of
> operation, they are loud enough to hear, but unless I need that much
> cooling, I will opt for a slower speed.  I cannot even hear them at the
> slow speed.  I am not worried about the case fans anyway, I was
> concerned about the Heat Sink fan.  I think my troubles are greater,
> today.  I have been in an ASUS MB forum for my specific MB, and I am
> finding that first time installation with my particular components
> sometimes has bios problems that can cause the problem.  If my BIOS is
> too old out of the box, I will have to copy a later BIOS on a thumb
> drive and upgrade.  This is a big problem, since I can't even get a boot
> to the current BIOS, and without the system at that point, I cannot
> upgrade the BIOS even if I have it.

Take the motherboard back to the place where you bought it then.
Though, to tell you the truth, I do not think that you will be able to
burn up the processor just by flashing the BIOS. Connect the CPU fan
to the PSU until you finish the flashing.

And thank you favorite deity that you _can_ flash the BIOS from USB!

> The suggestions are that I install
> an older processor, which I don't have, upgrade the BIOS and reinstall
> the Quad processor.  This motherboard is made for Dual and Quad
> processors.

Check if the Duron will fit in there. If so, email me your postal
address and I'll send mine out on Sunday.

> I haven't figured the solution to that possibility yet.
> And of course one of the components may be bad, even though everything
> is new.  It is pretty frustrating, because I am old and unsure of my
> experience level, and I have no one to consult who lives close to me, or
> even far away for that matter excepting this forum.  My new monitor came
> today which completes the components, and it requires a video card with
> resolution of 1680 x 1050, the max I can get from my current card is
> 1280 x 1024, so apparently I can't use it until I have the new system up
> and running.  I think the resolution problem is due to the fact that I
> had to use Linux drivers which provided 1280 x 1024 as maximum.
> I am writing too much, but there are suggestions I need to mention too.
> It is suggested that I remount the heat sink, the processor, and the
> memory.  It has been suggested that I remove the motherboard, put it on
> the box it came in and install minimums, with 1 stick of memory on B1.
> Since I don't have the paste you put on them when reinstalling, I am
> dubious of removing them, both memory and processor.  And it is hard for
> me to get a ride to get the supplies I may need.  And all the
> suggestions appear to cost money which I don't have much.  It is
> difficult for me to experiment by purchasing new power supplies,
> processors, memory, etc. without knowing that the purchase solves the
> problem.  I wish I were more intelligent.

You sound intelligent enough to know _not_ to cause damage, that's
better than 99% of the people out there! You can order Arctic Silver 5
thermal compound on ebay with delivery for under $10 USD. That is the
best thermal paste out there and I find that it can reduce non-load
temps by 3-5 degrees. Make sure that you use _as_little_as_possible_.
I spread mine on with a razor blade.

> I feel under so much pressure.  I am concerned about making an
> unrecoverable mistake, and in the ASUS forum solutions the posters are
> talking about purchasing and trying several expensive power supplies,
> multiple purchases of processors that I saved almost a year to purchase
> the one I have, and unending supplies of used equipment which they can
> install just for testing.

Well, you are trying to build an expensive piece of equipment. Custom
computers are like custom cars: when everything goes smooth it's
great, but when there is a problem it can get expensive quickly. That
is why most people buy computers prebuilt instead of building them.

Dotan Cohen



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