Kubuntu vs. Ubuntu RESOLVED

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Wed Nov 12 22:26:24 GMT 2008

Steven Vollom wrote:
> Thanks Nils.  I may not be ready to add another style.  I am struggling
> through learning Linux operation using Kubuntu.  Do you really think I
> should try Xubuntu?  

Well, if you are struggling with Kubuntu already, it may not be useful to 
try Xubuntu. In that case it may be easier to stick to the desktop you 
know already. IMHO, the Xfce desktop isn't easier to learn than KDE or 
Gnome. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages but all are usable. 
And you can run all applications independent from the desktop anyway. My 
suggestion to try Xubuntu was based on the (false) expectation you knew 
the difference of Kubuntu / Ubuntu being the desktop KDE / Gnome.


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