Is this possible?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sat Nov 8 03:09:24 GMT 2008

Art Alexion wrote:
> On Friday 07 November 2008 4:05:08 pm Steven Vollom wrote:
>> Here is what I did.  I upgraded to 8.10, then downgraded KDE4 to
>> KDE3.5.9 then upgraded to 3.5.10; so now I have 8.10 as an operating
>> system and KDE 3.5.10 for a desktop and everything works fine.
> How did you "downgrade to 3.5.9"?
If I remember correctly, I installed 3.5.9 (I am pretty sure it was 
identified as KDE only, not KDE 3.5.9)[I just went to Adept to see, and 
I am sure I installed KDE, which was KDE3.5.9] using Adept Package 
manager, then removed all KDE4 installations before rebooting.  I am 
older and have a poor memory, but I remember going through the thought 
procedure of how I could remove and still have a desktop to reboot to.  
That may not be the correct procedure, but after I completed the task it 
worked and worked well.

I may have done it another way, I am not sure.  I am just learning Linux 
and don't have any help other than this email forum.  When I want to do 
something and don't have anyone to get the answer from, I simply 
experiment.  I may very well just have been lucky.  But it worked.  I 
just hated KDE4.  There is a page I like to refer to in 3.5.9 for 
various reasons.  System Settings/Advanced Tab/ Disk&Filesystems.  When 
I upgraded to KDE4, I lost that option.  It was important because I have 
several hard drives and partitions and need the ability to fix problems 
with same.  Having to experiment so much when I learn, this was an 
important feature for me to use, so rather than learn how to get the 
info using KDE4, I took the easier way out.  I know I tried first, I 
just wasn't able to figure the KDE4 way to get that page.  Additionally, 
you are probably able to solve similar problems using the terminal; I am 
not very good at that yet.

Crashing and starting over seems the best way for me to learn, but with 
a declining memory, I haven't always saved data that helps that poor 
memory, so when I crash without having saved some of my fixes, that 
haven't settled into memory yet, I lose the steps.  I think that is the 
case here.

But in answer to your question, I just thought the process out in my way 
and the logical solution was as I relate.  If it doesn't make sense, 
don't try it.  Recovering from a crash almost always causes a person to 
lose some important data.

You have helped me before Alex.  Good to communicate again.  I stay away 
mostly, because I don't have confidence in my judgment yet.  Too much to 
learn, before I try to give someone else advice.


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