Minimum list of requirements for KDE4/Kubuntu 8.10

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I'm using Kubuntu 8.10 to reply, so networking works for me.
  I have tested Kubuntu interpid in two setups, which are equivalent to the
setups mentioned in your complaints:
a) Kubuntu connects to an ASUS WL-520GC router which only knows about IPv4.
Kubuntu works fine if I setup the connection manually or if I run the
dhcpclient manually. Connection is great, I get torrents at full speed.
b) Kubuntu has direct connection to my provider. My internet connecction is
PPP over wired Ethernet (but not ADSL, no modem), I just supply the username
and password to pppoeconf wizzard and it automagically configures the
It works fine for me. Arguably these are workarounds, but please also
consider that once they are done they work indefinitely (or till I change my
setup). And I believe one can endure these workarounds while KDE 4 is being

In fact I did a clean install of Kubuntu 8.10 _because_ Kubuntu 8.04 with
KDE 3.5.9 had a bug with usb devices

Interpid works for me.

On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 10:51 AM, Hein van Rensburg
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> I agree with Larry and have now done 15 installations with Kubuntu 8.10
> and Ubuntu 8.10 on on hardware which is from very old to brand new and
> also notebooks which is 5 years old and brand new.
> In Ubuntu everything works and is easy to set up in a network and has
> some really nice new facilities.
> In Kubuntu 8.10 most things work and it is fine for a single computer
> which has a always on Ethernet connection to the Internet. The new
> Kontact is really great, Dolphin is working fine, the plasma desktop is
> fantastic and it is generally a much more capable distribution than
> anything else in sight.
> However, I believe there is a range of principle functions which must
> work for a distribution to be released. That is unfortunately not the
> case in Kubuntu 8.10 and leading to the gripes which is seen on this
> list and other locations. My observations are:
> a. Networking is totally broken. It is just IP 6 and you can't even ping
> another computer anywhere. This all works in Ubuntu but not in Kubuntu.
> Do not even try to set up a small network with Kubuntu 8.10. You will
> not be able to connect to anything on your network. This is really
> unacceptable.
> b. Network manager does not work for notebook computers with 2
> interfaces. This program has been broken since Kubuntu 7 and really
> needs some priority and management attention. It is impossible to set up
> notebooks with DSL dialup links which many countries and thousands of
> people use. Again the new network manager in Ubuntu is great. This
> program alone has been the reason many people are turning away from
> Kubuntu. I personally have filed several bug reports on this and nothing
> ever gets done.
> These capabilities are a basic minimum for a successful release in my
> opinion. We have again succeeded to alienate a large part of our user
> base just as we had in 4.0.
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