Konqueror rules, Dolphin must die

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Sun Nov 2 14:20:44 GMT 2008

Emanoil Kotsev wrote:
> Nils Kassube wrote:
> > Emanoil Kotsev wrote:
> >> 3) I don't understand why this programmer or another one did not put
> >> the up refresh and home icons in the tool bar as it is in konqueror.
> >> Is it to far to think. Another finger, because there is obviously no
> >> logic/brain behind all the way it looks and works?
> >>
> >> It's making me angry that such a half way intelligent application
> >> becomes defaulted.
> >> And yes, I followed the kde-user list discussion about konquerer vs.
> >> dolphin, don't come to me with the politeness issue again please.
> >
> > If you refuse to be polite, please don't post. I do understand that
> > you don't like the KDE3 dolphin but I think this is not the right
> > place for your rant. None of the developers will listen here. After
> > all you are not forced to use dolphin, so just remove the package or
> > use the solution Jonas suggested.
> I don't refuse to be polite.

Well, the way you wrote it suggested to me that you don't want to be 
polite. Good to read that was not your intention.

> Also I think I have the right to post my 
> opinion, here if I want everybody to read it.

Sure you have the right to post here. However you could voice your opinion 
a bit nicer, e.g. without questioning the sanity of the programmers.

> I think there is no sense to post to developers list, as they will say
> they are working on kde 4.X. Am I right?

I suppose that is true.

> Also politeness will not turn the fact that dolphin for kde is stupid
> into the opposite.

Being impolite doesn't help either. You won't change anything at all 
because KDE 3.5 will not be used for any new version of Kubuntu. And the 
behaviour of the existing version will not be changed. I think you are 
about 9 months late with your complaint.


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