Updates, packages and tracking the whole lot

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Sun Nov 2 02:34:46 GMT 2008

Laurent Humblet wrote:

> I would like to know the following things about the packages/updates:
> - when was a package released for update
> - what exactly was fixed/updated in that package
> - when was that package installed on my local machine
> - who requested that update on my local machine

# sudo aptitude changelog

/var/log/dpkg.log* should be able to tell you every package that was
installed & when (aptitude maintains its own log, and iirc so does
synaptic - but they both - and others - call dpkg so that's the best place
to look).  

"Who" is a little problematic - because it's _always_ root!  Best bet is
probably to configure sudoers to log use of any of the package update
programs (and lock the "root" account if you unlocked it).  That still
won't help you if somebody wants to do "sudo su" or "sudo -i", first.

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