Problems with KDE4 under Kubuntu Hardy

Myriam Schweingruber schweingruber at
Sat May 31 10:48:25 BST 2008

Hi Steve,

On 31/05/2008, Steve Lamb <grey at> wrote:
>     Wait, wait...  They're actually going forward with KDE4 given how
>  horrible it is compared to 3?  Fer Pete's sake you can't even move
>  widgets on the kicker!  I accidentally removed my K button from the far
>  left and adding it places it at the far right.  No movement.  It
>  certainly looks a tad better than KDE3 but functionally it makes me want
>  to throw my machine through the nearest window.  Hell, WinXP is better
>  than KDE4!

Don't compare apples with pears, please!
KDE4 is still in heavy development, and it never has been announced to
be finished yet, so please give the developers time to polish that!
Don't forget that, as with Firefox 3, there was a choice to be made to
be included in the LTS and other upcoming releases of distributions
like OpenSuSE etc. and to be able to upgrade in the standard package

If you can't run KDE4 decently then you must have a problem with your
installation that usually is sorted out with a clean install (one
mayor reason why /home should be on a separate partition BTW). I run
KDE4 since before KDE 4.0.3. on my very old Acer laptop (like 3+
years) and can use close to every app I need.

Also, there is a change in the way computers will work in the future
and how GUIs are designed, based on intense usability research, a
change you can see the beginning of in KDE4. What do you expect, that
developers stay behind mayor evolution in desktop design? Of course
there will always be those who don't like changes, and nobody forces
you to use KDE 4, KDE 3.5.9 is still around and will be around for
quite some time, so make your mind up and try to understand what the
computers of the 21st century will look like or stay put with the "old

And if you read a little info coming from the developers, be this on or, you might eventually change your mind and
understand why KDE 4 is at the current state. Gnome is not near in
ages to that GUI changes we need to do to catch up with the modern
world :)



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