Sudo Failing

Paul Lemmons paul at
Wed May 28 03:28:17 BST 2008

Bliss and Trish Bignall wrote:
> So, after version 8.04 wouldn’t load, I finally went back and 
> installed version 6.06, apparently mostly successfully. The only issue 
> I seem to have is that Sudo fails whenever I try to use it…like if I 
> want to upgrade or add software.
> Specifically, I get messages, whenever I need to access Sudo, to the 
> effect that it either failed or returns an error. This is after I 
> input my password.
> I’m suspicious of the install, but have nothing to pin that on except 
> a vague feeling that the download may have hicupped.
> Any thoughts out there?
> Thanks,
> Bliss in San Angelo
Having the actual error message would be helpful. Without it we can only 
guess at what the problem might be.

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