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Neil Winchurst neil at
Tue May 27 15:19:29 BST 2008

On Tue, 27 May 2008 09:26:08 -0400
"John DeCarlo" <johndecarlo at> wrote:

> You are correct that this should not be happening.  It doesn't happen to me
> with my Gutsy install.
> Here is what should be happening, for your information, and where it could
> be going wrong:
> Your router is almost certainly set up to give out IP addresses to your
> computers (via DHCP).  When you turn it off and turn it on again, the
> connection is broken and things have to get reconnected.
> I am pretty sure with my router, even when I turn it off and on again, the
> IP addresses (a lease given by the router with a time period associated with
> it) stay the same for my computers.
> You may want to check the DLink and see if there is an option there that got
> changed.
I will have a look at the router, however Gutsy was a fresh install
and I did not touch the router at all. I was on and running of course
during the install, which is what I did while installing Edgy
eighteen months ago. If something has changed in the router it was
the install that did it without my knowledge.

> Correspondingly, your computer should be set up to notice when the network
> connection is lost and communicate to the router as a DHCP device and renew
> it's IP address.  Your computer could be set up somehow to not be doing this
> automatically.
> Finally, you don't need to turn off your computer.  Simply go into settings
> and disable eth0, then enable it again.  That should force it to go to the
> router and get a new IP address.
Thanks, the next time it happens I will try that.

Neil Winchurst

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