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Sylviane et Perry White spwhite at sunrise.ch
Mon May 26 18:50:12 BST 2008

On Sunday 25 May 2008 23:24, Lisi Reisz wrote:
> Yesterday 23:24:34
> On Sunday 25 May 2008 17:43:10 Sylviane et Perry White wrote:
> > Is it possible that you, Lisi, and several clients of her (on other ISPs)
> > don't have to authenticate for your providers SMTPs?
> That is certainly the case for all the accounts that I have set up.  
> I thought that it was standard, since the provider has already asked for
> authentication before it allows one on line.  One lives and learns. ;-);-)
>  But is it not the case in your case that your provider doesn't in fact
> provide an SMTP account/server, and GMail requires authentication?
Indeed all we were offered was this GMail, with authentication.
When I phoned the technical support, and asked if they could provide another 
SMTP, they thought it wouldn't interface with GMail (in fact they probably 
didn't know) and they didn't tell me how to try , but you were right...

Before that phone call *I thought I had tried smtp.sunrise.ch*  and it didn't 
work. The trouble is I don't remember what exactly didn't work or why.
_Perhaps I checked the authentication box (remember that before I was using 
	In my mail from 2008-05-17 I wrote in response to Lanzen:
> > But it all depends on the conditions your isp is offering you: if a mail
> > address is included, then you should be able to use their SMTP.
> That is what I tried, I expected the technical support to provide me with 
> stuff like password or port number... perhaps I should insist.

I just tried again right now: smtp.sunrise.ch, port 25, no authentication, 
and my test mail ended in my box and  POPped  :0)     [reason below ***]
I lost so much time fighting against windmills (like Don Quichotte), for 
example to find out that loging on a POP sometimes takes the complete address 
(xxx at provider) and sometimes only the first part (before the @)
I was also misdirected (not by you)  to try functionnalities that didn't work. 

There remains a small problem that is probably easy to correct:
When Sunrise made me change to their GMail thing my address was transferred 
from spwhite at freesurf.ch to spwhite at sunrise.ch.  [***]
Although they forwarded from the old address to the new one, I was rejected 
from the list (and the Kde list, perhaps others...but I'll have to write in 
order to find out)
So I unsubscribed from the list and resubscribed with the new address.
I can probably revert that easily because when I use smtp.sunrise.ch my 
address reverted to the old one : (Sylviane et Perry White 
<spwhite at freesurf.ch>)
		{I wonder where those settings are kept,  guess on the server.}

One side effect is that anyone who has physical access to my computer can now 
send mails, whereas previously I kept the authorisation dialog by not storing 
the password (as a security against unwanted/precocious sending, my wife has 
the password too). I can probably live with that.		:0)

I send this mail with the address @sunrise.ch because I'm running out of time, 
but expect a comming back  on the list of "Sylviane et Perry White 
<spwhite at freesurf.ch>" soon :0)

I guess all my failed attempts with other mail servers made me somewhat 
smarter after all and I know I learned a lot, although the hard way (the only 
way) through this thread  :0)

Thanks, Lisi and Lanzen, for your quick answer.

P. White

P.S. 1  When I google now on SMTP I mostly get parts of this thread, I swear 
it was not my intent.
P.S. 2 Tomorrow or very soon (after I resubscribe to the list and check it 
works) I will have to report to the technical support guy, as I promised him, 
so that he can give the right/best advice... Why didn't sunrise offer their 
own SMTP?
P.S. 3 I hope the previous step has an effect. Of course those people at the 
technical support are very polite and do their best to help but do they have 
the time and means to really improve things (spreading their knowledge...)
Out of personal experience I know how difficult it is to do it the right way 
when the hierarchy is asking for *immediate results and return*

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