OT: Kmail, POP3, list, thread and Gmail

Sylviane et Perry White spwhite at sunrise.ch
Sun May 25 17:43:10 BST 2008

On Saturday 17 May 2008 06:33, lanzen wrote:
> What I do - works.
> When sending to the list I've set up Kmail to use another SMTP. It can be
> your provider's, and in this case it might not require authentication, or
> any other SMTP, authenticated, but NOT GMail's.

I have 2 problems here.
1) I have yet to find a free SMTP server that works.
 	I opened an account at yahoo.fr, got POP to work but not SMTP,
	probably all my settings are right...
---smtp.mail.yahoo.fr port 465, authentication as pvvwhite (or I tried 
---pvvwhite at yahoo.fr too) and password they provided.
	I just think they are reluctant to provide this service for free.
2) Even if SMTP sending worked, I would probably be pvvwhite at yahoo.fr
	instead of spwhite at sunrise.ch and would need another subscription 
	at Kubuntu list.

How is it possible to authenticate with (for example) smtp.mail.yahoo.fr as 
spwhite at sunrise.ch?
Is it possible that you, Lisi, and several clients of her (on other ISPs) 
don't have to authenticate for your providers SMTPs?

Greetings	Perry

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