How do you make the logitech mouse work right?

Nigel Ridley nigel at
Wed May 21 10:17:51 BST 2008

Knapp wrote:
> After a lot of playing I got my mouse to work at last. My nice mouse has
> been plain for years! But now all 8 button work!
> Problem is that when I roll the mouse button I get a page forwards or back
> in firefox and other programs.
> When I move the scroll wheel sideways the text scrolls up and down. This is
> backwards!
> What is wrong and how do I fix it?
> Logitech rx1000 (no it is not an mx1000) It has 8 buttons normal 3 plus
> scroll wheel and tilting scroll wheel and one extra on top.


This might help:

I asked about ButtonMapping on the xorg mailing list (btw, I think it's intended for developers 
only...there doesn't appear to be a user my newbie-ness barged right in the middle of 
their developer discussions :blush: ). Anyway, one person replied:
"xev and other X applications see the logical buttons. They expect 1 to be select, 2 to be paste, 
3 to be context menu, 4 scroll up, 5 down, 6 left, 7 right."
So, I think I get some of it finally. ButtonMapping maps physical buttons on the mouse to logical 
buttons. The places from left to right are the physical buttons and the numbers in those places 
are the logical buttons. To be more clear, to get standard right-handed mouse configuration we use:

"ButtonMapping" "1 2 3 6 7"

This makes button '1'(the button under your index finger if you're right-handed) map to the 
'select' action and button '3'(the button under your middle finger) map to the 'context menu' 
action. So, this means to get left-handed mouse configuration we simply switch:

"ButtonMapping" "3 2 1 6 7"

I just tested it and this is exactly what happens. I was also told that the PS/2 driver we're 
using only has fields for 5 physical buttons, so any numbers after "1 2 3 6 7 ..." wouldn't mean 
anything (may cause problems even, haven't tried). This is also why xev never sees any action 
from my tilt-wheel. If I wanted to be crazy (and usually I do, just not in this case) I could map 
the wheel to forward/back with

"ButtonMapping" "1 2 3 4 5"

Use 'exev' to find out button mapping numbers



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