OT: Kmail, POP3, list, thread and Gmail

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue May 20 18:45:28 BST 2008

Sylviane et Perry White wrote:

> On Tuesday 20 May 2008 15:11, Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Googling didn't help?  Surely "gmail mail-list" would find this as the
>> number one FAQ!
> I just tried with your cue-words. Of course I didn't have the patience to
> read all that came up. For sure I had no hit.
>> But I don't see the problem with NOT getting your
>> own mails - on mailman lists I generally turn off receipt of my own
>> mails. That, however, is just my preference...
> If I want to re-read what I said I find it more convenient to find my post
> at the proper place in the thread, rather than sorting through my sent
> mail box.
>> but you should be
>> able to see mails that you actually send to yourself (whether directly or
>> indirectly) complete with all headers.

> I can, but only on Gmail'site.

I believe I meant "should" in the sense of "Gmail should make it possible"
not that there's actually a way to do it...

> And then the mail will all be delivered to Yahoo? Or I keep 2
> subscriptions to the list...not very elegant.

You certainly can - I've had subscriptions to lists from two accounts, where
one has delivery turned off.  That allows me to send from one, and receive
at the other (that was because I only had SMTP access through one address
while behind a corporate firewall, but wanted all mail to come to my usual

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