Non playing of music CDs

Neil Winchurst neil at
Sun May 11 16:57:11 BST 2008

On Sun, 11 May 2008 11:59:23 +0200
"Jonas Norlander" <jonorland at> wrote:

> Hi again
> Your paste of fstab here don't have the space between "user," and
> "noauto" so i guess your first was a paste error?
> If you do have a space there remove it. The fourth field (fs_mntops)
> is a comma separated list of options and having a space there would be
> begging for trouble. In any case i don't think that's why you cant
> play Audio CD. You don't need to mount a audio cd to be able to play
> it. If i would be you i would remove or comment the line for the cdrom
> and let HAL do the mounting if needed, works for me.
> / Jonas

Thanks for your help so far. It seems that my fstab file is OK. I had
a search in adept for amarok and found a file named amarok-engines.
The blurb stated that it is installed by default. Actually it was not
installed. So I installed it and now all seems to be well. I can now
play my music CDs with amarok. 

All's well ......


Neil Winchurst

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