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Willy Hamra wrote:

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> still. that is easier thatn dealing with windows, windows doesnt come 
> with an  office suite for an instance. 

You are free to download OpenOffice for Windows, just as you are free to 
do so on Linux.

> i agree with the web browser 
> problem, but it is now fixed in hardy. i find installing printers a pice 
> of cake, since i dont need any drivers, wheareas on windows, it will not 
> install the printer during the windows installation or after it unless 
> you insert the driver CD.

Or you could just download the drivers, which Kubuntu has helpfully 
already done for you ... That's the way I always do it ...

> kmix might be an issue here, a lot of people are complaining that sound 
> is not working without kmix editing. gimp is a bit of a big program to 
> include, but so is the case in windows, you get lousy paint, not photoshop!

So download the GiMP for Windows, what's the problem?

> the fact is that you still need to be a bit familiar with computers to 
> install a system, whatever the OS is, at least you can get all what is 
> missing in kubuntu while you are sitting on your chair, no need to buy 
> CDs or anything. 

Depending on what you need, you may not have to purchase anything for 
Windows, either, as there are open source office suites, graphic 
editors, web browsers, mail clients, etc, available for Windows.

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