Installing and newbies

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Thu May 8 11:38:02 BST 2008

> firefox, thunderbird, opera, gnucash, kedit, kdf, mysql, gimp, Sun
> java, flash. 
> OK, so some of those were personal choices, but I was
> very surpised that FF, the Gimp and Thunderbird were missing from the
> install.
> And the point of all this? Well, after my experience with Edgy and, in
> all, six years using Linux all the above was simple. But for someone
> new to Linux I think they would need some hand-holding to get
> started. I still feel that more needs to be done to get newcomers to
> feel confident with Linux.
> What do other people on the list think?
I would say all of these are your personal choices ;-)

As it stands Kubuntu has chosen Konqueror as the standard web browser 
and Kmail/Kontact as standard mail client. As for Gimp I am uncertain 
why it is not there though I guess Krita would be a more natural choice.

I dont remember Edgy any longer myself but are you sure Thunderbird, 
Firefox and Gimp were there when you installed or you have since added them?


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