Remote acess from a Windows Machine

Derek Broughton news at
Wed May 7 20:13:25 BST 2008

Wagner Ferreira wrote:

> Ok.
> I'm doing the following:
> 1) WinXP machine tries to reach Kubuntu machine
> - on XP machine, Cygwin-X is installed, and when i use the "X --query
>", the grey screen appears
> 2) Another linux machine (Debian with X installed) tries to reach Kubuntu
> machine - using the "X --query", the grey screen appears

Right.  That looks predictable.  I'm not at all sure whether it's _right_
but the query parameter says to contact for an XDMCP
connection, and XDMCP is disabled by default on all Linuxes that I know of.

Unfortunately, there are at least two, maybe three, places you need to
change defaults, depending on your display manager.  For Kubuntu, KDE3, it
should be in /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc

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