Dual boot

Blue Rose bluerosemagic at gmail.com
Tue May 6 10:31:30 BST 2008

I made a live cd with gparted on it, works like a charm :-)
the image for the live cd is readily available on the internet.. can't 
remember the link now, but I'm sure google will find it for you :-)

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Karl Klinger wrote:
>> Neil Winchurst wrote:
>>> I am considering using parted (via qtparted) to make some room on the
>>> HD to take the Hardy install. When I did this before I had Mandriva
>>> as my distro and used the Mandrake program to partition the drive. I
>>> have never used parted.
>> I would use gparted rather than qtparted.  From the qtparted home page:
>> "Warning:  QTParted is still in development".  The page was last updated
>> in 2005.
> gparted/qtparted are just gui wrappers for parted - so there's no reason to
> be afraid of qtparted just because it _may_ not be as mature as gparted,
> and why install all the gnome support just for a partitioning tool?
>> I have generally used the partitioner on the alternate install cd,
>> including resizing ntfs partitions, and have never run into problems.
> Which is what I do too.  I don't bother to keep a partitioner on my live
> system, because it's highly unlikely I'll ever use it.

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