Best directions for dual-booting with Vista?

D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Fri Mar 28 01:05:51 UTC 2008

Billie Walsh said the following at 03/27/2008 06:39 PM :
> Is there a specific reason you need Vista?
> I know that seems like a stupid question but IMHO someone needs to ask.

Yes :-) At least, there's a good reason I need some version of Windows, and
I don't have CDs for anything later than Win98.

There are some programs for which there are no good Linux equivalents
(yet). And I have experienced problems with Linux laptops in some hotels.

And sometimes, it's just not worth arguing with people and is just much
easier to boot into an OS to which one knows they can't simply say "Linux?
We don't support that".

I don't honestly expect to use Windows much. But it's nice to have it
there. Especially since I've paid for the piece of junk.

Especially since I've just spent the entire afternoon trying to get
wireless working under Linux, and still not succeeded (although I think I'm


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