Best directions for dual-booting with Vista?

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Mar 27 19:48:23 UTC 2008

D. R. Evans wrote:

> Derek Broughton said the following at 03/27/2008 12:35 PM :
>> D. R. Evans wrote:
>>>> Me too, me too (I absolutely refuse to post just to say "Me too").
>>> The problem with any virtualization solution (apart from the issue of a
>>> possible inability to access hardware, which probably is unlikely to
>>> affect me) is that I would have to use the pre-installed Vista as the
>>> host OS. Right there, that's enough for me not to consider it any more.
>> Actually, probably no.  If you have to use a pre-installed OS, it's
>> probably an OEM version and can't be run in a virtual machine.
> Isn't that what I said? I would have to use the pre-installed OS as the
> host OS. So I can't use it as the guest.

Uh, right.  So you did :-)
>> It's never that hard - and never was, imo, and I've been dual-booting
>> since
> Well, let's just agree to disagree on that.
>> the 90s.  Repartitioning could be awkward if you wanted to save an
>> existing Windows, but for a clean install it's:
> I never was permitted to do a clean install. (I was in a corpoate
> environment.)

In which case, it hasn't got any easier.  If you're trying to install Linux
onto an existing Windows install, can't reinstall Windows, and can't use a
Linux bootloader, it's still a pain in the arse.

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