Best directions for dual-booting with Vista?

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Mar 27 12:30:24 UTC 2008

Jonas Norlander wrote:

> 2008/3/26, Wagner Ferreira <wagner.tec.inf at>:
>> It seems that you want the two systems working at the same machine.  For
>> this, you´ll have to partition your HD first, then  install Vista, and
>> after all install kubuntu in the empty partition.
>>  Did I understand what you want?
> I'm not sure he realy need to reinstall vista he could resize the
> partition, make a new for kubuntu and install kubunto on that.
> ntfsresize is one program to resize ntfs partitions.
> As always it's a risk so be sure to backup all data before.

Vista actually has the built-in ability to resize its own partition.  It's
not very good - on my 120GB drive, I couldn't manage to get it to use much
less than half.  Since I knew it only really needed 21GB (!!!), I ended up
deleting it, repartitioning, and reinstalling from the rescue partition (so
Vista is using 30GB of my drive, and I NEVER use it...)

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