Punch Under Wine

cherryfinals cherryfinals at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 24 00:10:02 UTC 2008

I have been using Punch Professional Home Design Suite for several
years. It has always worked well under Windows XP.

Last year, I got totally fed up with Microsoft and ditched all of their

products. I'm running three Kubuntu systems at home and the ONLY
program I've not been able to replace with a better Open Source product
has been my Punch Home Design.

I have installed it under WINE and it works great, with a single 
exception. When I open any 3D view, it runs fast and smooth, but it
takes over the window and I cannot completely clear it so I can go back
to editing the plan. 

Any idea how I can kill just the 3D window without killing the entire
WINE session?

Currently, Punch is supporting Mac and Microsoft only. 

I don't mind spending the money for a good product, but refuse to
support Microsoft or Apple. 

Thanks for any assistance.


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