xsane in Hardy Beta

David Fletcher kubuntu-users at thefletchers.net
Sat Mar 22 10:54:49 UTC 2008

On Saturday 22 Mar 2008, Donn wrote:
> > Using xsane with an old HP scanjet
> It might be a daft question, but why are you not using Kooka? (It comes with 
> Kubuntu AFAIK, and works quite well)
> \d

Never knew it was there :-)

Anyway, I just tried it on my system (running Gutsy) and I just don't like it. 
xsane is way, way superior IMHO. Kooka is probably OK for scanning in paper 
documents, but for doing stuff like I do, such as scanning transparency film, 
it's no use at all. I don't see the pre-post histogram settings that xsane 
has, for instance.

So, I'll have to see about getting xsane fixed, if it's been broken.


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