Help plz, I am having a problem with my connection speed.

Chad Moore chadthecommie at
Wed Mar 19 01:50:54 UTC 2008

Hey guys,

I something really weird happened to my internet a couple weeks back and I
need to figure out what the problem is.  It all started when I manually
refreshed the connection to my internet.  I turned off my computer when i
that...normal shut down.  Unplugged the modem...unplugged the router for
about 10 minutes...plugged it back in and started up my computer.  I'm using

a wireless card.  When I tried to connect to it again...FAIL!  It took me 20

minutes to try and fix the problem and i still don't know how I did it.
since then the internet has been really screwy.  I would be on for about 20
minutes to 1 hour and all of a sudden the speed drops down to a snails pace
and I have to reconnect to the router to fix it.  Just by right clicking the

icon and clicking on my router.  I tried reinstall the primary network
drivers and software with no results.  Any ideas?  Thanks a lot guys...still

a n00b to this linux thing.  I'm using KDE btw.
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