corrupted file removal

James Gray james at
Tue Mar 18 03:14:48 UTC 2008

On 18/03/2008, at 12:24 PM, Fred Schuelzky wrote:

> The other nite I tried to install goggleearth from the medibuntu site.
> At the EULA, yes or no prompt I became confused or crs hit me.  Now  
> I am
> unable to use update mgr.  Snyaptic gives me this message  E:
> goggleearth: Package is in a very inconsistant state - you should
> the error message stops there,  i should what?
> Any ideas on how to remove this corrupted package

Try on the command line (xterm/gterm/etc):
sudo apt-get -f remove

That should try to fix any packages that have been left in an  
inconsistent state (-f means "fix broken") removing them in the  
process (if possible).  If that completes you should be able to use  
Synaptic etc and add/remove any packages as normal.

If it fails, please post back with the exact error you get.

Good luck,


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