Terminal Mode Only

Joel Oliver joelol75 at verizon.net
Sun Mar 16 23:20:50 UTC 2008

Bill wrote:
> Will Guy's
> The 'sudo aptitude install Kubuntu-desktop' command followed with a
> reboot/restart WORKED!!!  I've got my Desktop back!!  
> Thank you very much!!!
> However, when the Desktop came up, it told me my previous KDE4 session had
> been corrupted, and KDE4 was not available.  Then it only gave me the option
> of a Default Desktop (KDE3).
> Is it smart or even safe to reinstall KDE4?  I plan on running in KDE3 until
> I read some responses.
> Thx
> Bill
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> On Wednesday 12 March 2008 5:37:02 pm Francisco Borges wrote:
>> Hello Bill,
>> I would first try to reinstall kubuntu-desktop. Just
>> aptitude install kubuntu-desktop
>> Should do. That is just to be sure you have everything you should have
>> installed.
> After you try this, if it doesn't work, Here is a trick I do, I go 
> into /etc/X11 you should see files xorg.conf~, xorg.conf.1, xorg.conf.2 etc,
> etc. rename your xorg.conf to one of the files with a number, usually 1 will
> do, then restart your xserver, if that don't work try another. the lower 
> numbers are the most recent.
> When I do this, I always take the xorg.conf and rename it xorg.conf.bak and 
> then rename one of the other xorg.conf.1 or 2 etc etc files to xorg.conf. 
> Once you find the one that was working, back it up ie: cp xorg.conf 
> xorg.conf.bak.saved

It sounds like you may have installed kdm4 from the repositories to 
sample kde 4.  If you plan on using kde 4 you should still use kdm from 
kde 3 as there is bugs in kdm4.  You can remove and reinstall kde 4, 
just remember that removing kde4 won't always remove your settings 
(Where the 'corruption' may be)

You can try these commands to make sure kdm 3 is the default desktop 
manager (from konsole or a terminal.  Use sudo in front if you never set 
up a root account)

apt-get remove kdm-kde4

apt-get install kdm

(If it says kdm is already the newest version you can try:

apt-get install --reinstall kdm

(Or if you wish:
dpkg-reconfigure kdm)

to make sure kdm is the default (If you also installed ubuntu-desktop 
for gnome, gdm will install, but you should keep kdm as default [but you 
don't have to])

Just that the kdm-kde4 package shouldn't be used as it's buggy and 
experimental at the time

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