Help for usb disk and usb pendrive

lanzen lanzenesi at
Thu Mar 13 14:17:17 UTC 2008

On Thursday 13 March 2008 14:47:27 Derek Broughton wrote:

> The thing is, if you've taken a drive that was not properly dismounted from
> Windows, then that Windows session has buffers that were never written to
> disk.  If you then restarted Windows without it, I would expect those
> buffers to get lost.  If you have the actual hibernated session where the
> disk was mounted, _that_ is where the disk needs to be connected first.

So if too much time has passed since that session, there's nothing much to do.

I remember seeing that warning soon after I started using Linux and in two 
occasions. I remember doing the scandisk now at least on the first time it 
happened,  but not sure about the second. That warning about unmounting in 
windows still came out, so the cause might have been somewhere else. Luckily 
I haven't lost anything.

And now I'm happy I've found a solution to my other problem. Free bear to 
everyone in the list! Er... well... if you all can came and get it at my 
place, that is! ;)



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