KMail installation problems

Jamie Griffin jpg at
Wed Mar 12 14:19:37 UTC 2008

Ok, thanks very much, that's really helpful. Clearly, i've misunderstood how the application should work & sorry if i've wasted anyones time. 

I appreciate all of your help. 


On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 04:10:11PM +0200, O. Sinclair wrote:
|Jamie Griffin wrote:
|> I have opened Kontact as suggested and Kmail is there and working, so maybe there is no problem? Is Kmail not installed as a seperate program then? (sorry if that seems a dumb question) ... i just assumed it would be, as Evolution is on 'Ubuntu'
|In Kubuntu you get the whole "kde-pim" Kontact of which Kmail is a part. 
|I am sure there IS a way of installing or starting only Kmail but am not 
|able to help you out there.
|And trying to run a KDE from command line can give quite some weird 
|results. You might want to try ALT+F2 and then type Kmail in the window 
|that comes up. Just for the sake of it... but unless you are really 
|uncomfy running Kontact just set it to always open in the Mail component 
|(Settings, Kontact) and then use only that part.
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